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pendant lampshades

2" 3" & 4" Outside Glass Diameter

Glass Pendants

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silk lampshades

Sizes to 11"

Lamp Globes - Victorian Parlor

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cone lampshades

Two Layer Glass Process

Glass Cones

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mini chandelier shades

Clip On Shades

Chandelier Shades

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out scallop chandelier shades

Lamp Shade Finials

Lamp Finials

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glass lamp diffuser

Lamp Diffusers

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61444 Gas Shade Frosted Floral

Glass Shades

Fits to Three and Four" Opening

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65052 ruby

Washer & Diffuser Tops

Floor Lamp Shades

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lamp chimneys

Bottom sizes to 4"


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Sizes to 16"


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glass floor


Glass Floor

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oil lampshades

Hand Painted


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lilly shades

1 1/2" & 1" Bottom

Lilly Shades

Silk and fabric lamp shades have fitters or washer centers consisting of three wires with a round washer in the center that is attached with a finial. The fixture is located 1/2 inch from the top unless noted otherwise. A chandelier clip on will fit to a small pointed bulb. Clip on or torpedo clips will fit to a standard Edison light bulb. Uno or bridge styles have a large circular fitter that will fit over a 1 1/2 inch Edison socket. Fitters sizes for glass are 1/8 inch larger than the outside diameter. Lamp fitter sizes are given 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger than the diameter in case the lampshade is broken or not available to be measured. If the opening (fitter) the shade fits is approximately 2 1/4 inches, the outside glass diameter of the lampshade that will fit is 2 inches. For smaller shades a 1 5/8 inch fitter will measure 1 1/2 inch on the outside diameter of the glass. For glass and silk replacement you can't beat our discount pricing and outstanding customer service. We specialize in classic and traditional div and floor lampshades. Custom manufacturing Adriana's has items that will match your decor. How many times have your favorite heirlooms been stored away because there was no choice. Unable to find suitable reproductions , have you settled for replacements that you really do not like and that do not match simply because the correct lamp shade was not available, causing your treasured heirlooms to stand out for all the wrong reasons. We have antique lighting that will make your treasured lamp the focal point of your room again. We are delighted to share our offerings and hope you will stop by often as we strive to constantly have the newest and greatest at great prices, just for you. We have traditional silk drum, bell and mushroom pleated replacements that will make your decor stand out for the right reasons. Our index has thousands of tems to choose from listed by category for your convenience. Our Index is constantly being added to and updated to give you the best globe selections. New this fall are the new peach and bright blue fabric and a larger variety of drum and cylinders, finials, hard to find Victorian fringe and beaded finishing pieces. Twenty inch neck less torchiere's are back in stock. Our newest addition has been detailed with a swirl design. Bigger is sometimes better a six onion globe has also been added. We keep adding, updating our daily. Check with customer service if you need a specific fitter, or if you have a special request. We are at your service. Our index is so large it may be difficult for you to isolate the particular lamp shade you need on line, please give our customer service department a call we are here to help you with your shade selection. We update our Index weekly to give you the best availability. In order to keep our offerings current we are unable to provide a printed Item Index. We offer the greatest most current selection of crystal and antique lighting at the best possible prices because we offer our catalog on line. We welcome your questions and comments. Not sure what the original looked like. Let us answer your questions. We also offer wholesale pricing for quantity purchases. For your security we use Express Purchase Passport accepting Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Pay Pal. We welcome your questions and comments. Contact us for assistance with all your shopping needs. You can't beat our discount pricing and outstanding customer service for your classic and traditional shades. Special clearance on custom mushroom pleat inventory. We have many one of a kind designer, mushroom pleat and mini chandelier shades. Email us with the color and dimensions for mini clip on, specialty and custom one of a kind items. Let us know what you are looking for so we can check our clearance inventory. Recent additions includes new chandeliers, in the newest shapes and more colorful two pendants, many in the new taller sizes.

Glass Lamp Shades


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replacement lampshades

Hurricanes- Sizes to 14"



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1 1/2" & 1" Bottom




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