Replacement Lampshades

Lamp Shades are our specialty, Our 1100 catalog has over thirty categories of size and type lamp shades. Under each category we also stock shade by color and type for easy referencing. Need a Replacement for Your Treasured Lamp? Specialty Lamp Shades was created just for you! Want a clean look for your home - you have got it! For glass and silk replacement you cannot beat our discount pricing and outstanding customer service. We specialize in classic and traditional table and floor lampshades. Custom manufacturing Adriana's has items that will match your decor. How many times have your favorite heirlooms been stored away because there was no choice? Unable to find suitable reproductions , have you settled for replacements that you really do not like and that do not match simply because the correct lamp shade was not available, causing your treasured heirlooms to stand out for all the wrong reasons. We have antique lighting that will make your treasured lamp the focal point of your room again. We are delighted to share our offerings and hope you will stop by often as we strive to constantly have the newest and greatest at great prices, just for you.

Replacement Lamp Shades

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