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    • replacement dome lampshades

      Glass Dome Lamp Shades

      12" - 14" Replacement Dome Lamp Shades

    • silk lamp shades

      Silk Lamp Shades

      Silk Lamp Shades | Large Sizes

    • replacement glass sconces

      Replacement Glass Sconces | Hurricanes

      Sizes to Three Inch Bottom

    • chandelier lamp shades

      Chandelier Lampshades

      Mini chandelier to seven inch bottoms

    • reverse painted lampshades

      Reverse Hand Painted Lamp Shades

      Louis Comfort Tiffany Reproductions

    • floor lamp shades

      Floor Lamp Shades | Silks | Brocades

      Floor lamp shades to twenty inches

    • glass pendant lampshades

      Glass Lampshades 2 1/4" fitter

      Traditional and modern designs

    • glass floor lampshades

      Replacement Lamp Shades

      Wicker, beaded and specialty

    • glass pendant lampshades

      Glass Lamp Shades 3 1/4" | 4 inch fitter

      Outside glass diameter is 3" or 3 7/8"

    • student lamp shades

      Student Oil Lamp Shades

      Six" to 10" Student Oil Lamp Shadesstudent oil lampshades

    • half lamp shades

      Half | Shield Lamp Shades

      Washer Finial Tops

Silk and fabric lamp shades have fitters or washer centers consisting of three wires with a round washer in the center that is attached with a finial. The fixture is located 1/2 inch from the top unless noted otherwise. A chandelier clip on will fit to a small pointed bulb. Clip on or torpedo clips will fit to a standard Edison light bulb. Uno or bridge styles have a large circular fitter that will fit over a 1 1/2 inch Edison socket.

Fitters sizes for glass are 1/8 inch larger than the outside diameter. Lamp fitter sizes are given 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger than the diameter in case the lampshade is broken or not available to be measured. If the opening (fitter) the shade fits is approximately 2 1/4 inches, the outside glass diameter of the lampshade that will fit is 2 inches. For smaller shades a 1 5/8 inch fitter will measure 1 1/2 inch on the outside diameter of the glass.