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Glass Lamp Shades

Glass pendant lamp shades can have either lip fitters which attach with screws or newer applications that attach with a polystrene ring or washer that will screw on from the inside. In most cases a lip fitter shade can be used for these applications. The glass lip fitter will fit up into the holder and ring will be able to grab the screw holder to hold the shade in place. This type of fitter is most often seen on the 2 1/4" fitter. The fitter is the opening ths shade fits into the outside glass diameter for this type of shade is 2". The next size up for a pendant shade is 3". These shades will have a 3 1/4" fitter or opening for the shade to fit into. These shades are often reproductions for older types of shades often for gas to electric conversions. Some of these shade were available in both 3" and 4" bottom diamerters. Please be very careful when measuring, the 4" fitter measures 3 3/4" outside glass diameter and 3 1/4" measures 3" outside diameter. Outside glass diameter can vary by 1/16 to 1/8" and still be the correct size for the application. Straight fitters can also be 3". These will include glass chimneys and shades that will not be hanging but will sit into on on top of the holder. Please contact contact customer service at 1-866-573-3850 if in doubt to get advise on the best shade for your lamp.Glass Lamp Shade Replacements for Antique and Victorian table lamps we stock student, Gone with the Wind Parlor lamp shades. For ceiling and baths replacement pendant lighting in new replacement colors and acid etched replacement for vintage fixtures. We also stock lily, glass sconces and glass torchiere replacement lamp shades.

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