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Glass Lampshades

Glass Lampshade Categories

Glass Lamp Shade Replacements for Antique and Victorian table lamps we stock student, Gone with the Wind Parlor lamp shades. For ceiling and baths replacement pendant lighting in new replacement colors and acid etched replacement for vintage fixtures. We also stock lily, glass sconces and glass torchiere replacement lamp shades.
Fitter sizes are the opening the shades fits into.  Fitter sizes are approximately one quarter of and inch larger than the outside glass diameter of the shade.  
For hurricanes and sconces a 1 5/8" fitter will hve an approximate outside glass diameter of 1 1/2".  Larger shades will have a proportionately larger fitter.  A 3 1/4" fitter for item # 10161 measures approximately 3"
Pendant shades with 2 1/4" fitters will have an approximate outside diamter of 2" and lip fitters that will attached with three thumbscrews.
For gas lighting reproductions.  Fitter sizes of 3 " will have an outside glass diameter of aapproximately 2 7/8".  A four inch fitter will have a n approximate outside glass diameter of 3 7/8".  These shades will also for the most part have lip fitters.
Almost all Gone with the Wind Globes have 4" fitters with an out sie glass diameter of 3 3/4 to 3 7/8".  This is the standard sizes for this tyoe of shade and applies to all globe sizes from 8" to 11".  These shades have straight fitters and rest into a shade holder. 
Lilly shade are available in two sizes 1 1/8" has a prssor fitter that the shade fits into.  The fitter is then squeezed to hold the shade in place.  The 1 5/8" fitter measures approximately 1 1/2" and is also held in place with a pressure fitter.