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2" 3" & 4" Outside Glasss Diameter

Glass Pendants

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Medium Wicker

Sizes to 11"

Lamp Globes - Victorian Parlor

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Two Layer Glass Process

Glass Cones

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out scallop chandelier shades

Clip On Shades

Chandelier Shades

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out scallop chandelier shades

Lamp Shade Finials

Lamp Finials

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glass lamp diffuser

Lamp Diffusers

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61444 Gas Shade Frosted Floral

Glass Shades

Fits to Three and Four" Opening

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65052 ruby

Washer & Diffuser Tops

Floor Lamp Shades

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Bottom sizes to 4"

Lamp Chimneys

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Sizes to 16"


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64640 pink roses


Glass Floor

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Hand Painted


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1 1/2" & 1" Bottom

Lilly Shades


Uno Shade

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Hurricanes- Sizes to 14"
1 1 /2" Center - Floor


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Each lamp shade has its own distinct style.  For silk and fabric shade the most common is a washer fitter.  A washer fiitter looks like a washer with three wires extending from the center washer to the side of the shade.  Better quality shade with this type of fitter will have a banding along the top and bottom. Often in larger shade the side wires will also be covered in the same material to give the shade a finished look. 

Fabric shades sometimes sit on a glass bowl or diffuser.  If you lamp has a larger fitter with three thumb screws if most likely fits a diffuser.  A fabric or silk shade will rest on top of the diffuser.  The may be knotches on the wires that fit on the diffuser top to stabalize the lamp on the shade.

Some floor lamps have a very unusual fitter the bulb will point downward.  The shade for this lamp will have a large 1 1/2" opeing that fits or screw onto the light bulb. This type of shade has what is refered to as a uno fitter.  Floor lamps that have a glass shade with a bulb that points to the floor are bridge lamps.  The shade is often held in place with three thumb scres

Smaller shade. can either clip on shade that fit to a standare light bulb or a topedo or chandelier chip.  This type of clip if slightly oval or elongated to fit to the smaller bulb.

Please  visit our glass lamp shade page for tips on fitting a glass shades.

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