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Cranberry Glass Sconces

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Glass Ceiling Shades

Glass Dome Lamp Shades

Glass Floor Torchiere Lamp Shades

Large Glass Hurricanes to Fourteen Inches

Glass Replacenent Lamp Shades

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Gone With The Wind Globes  - Page 1

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Gone With The Wind Lamps

Lamp Chimneys

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Lilly and Tulip Shades

Lamp Diffusers

Lamp Fonts

Onion Globes

Oil Lamp Shades 12"

Colored Pendant Lamp Shades

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Reverse Painted Lamp Shades

School House Shades

Student Lamp Shades

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Student 7 Page 2

Glass Lamp Shade Replacements

8" Student Lamp Shades

10" Student Lamp Shades Page 1

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Solid Color Student Shades Page 3

10" Floral Lampshades Page 1

Floral Student Lamp Shades Page 2

12" Student Lamp Shades

14" Student Lampshades and Domes

Tulip - Lilly Shades

Traditional Table and Floor Lamp


Bridge Floor Lamp Shades

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Chimney Shades

Clip On Shades

Clip On Ceiing Shades

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Silk and Brocade Floor Lamp Shades

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Specialty Lamp Shades Page 1

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Mini Chandelier Lampshades

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Uno Floor Lamp Shades


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