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Lamp Shade Catalog


1 Glass Replacement Lamp Shades

Bridge Lamp Shades

Clip On Ceiling Shades

Glass Cones

Cranberry Glass Sconces

Crystal Prisms

Cut Crystal - Gasolier and Argund

Gas Lamp Shades (Three and Four Inch Fitters) Page 1

 3 & 4" Fittter  Page 2

3" & 4" Fitter Page 3

Glass Ceiling Shades

Glass Dome Lamp Shades

Glass Floor Torchiere Lamp Shades

Large Glass Hurricanes to Fourteen Inches

Glass Replacenent Lamp Shades

Glass Sconces

Glass Sconces Page 2

 Glass Sconces Page 3

Victoria Gone With The Wind Globes  - Page 1

Lamp Globes Page 2

Victorian Gone With The Wind Lamps

Lamp Chimneys

Lamp Chimneys Page 2

 Lamp Chimneys Page 3

Lilly and Tulip Shades

Lamp Diffusers

Lamp Fonts

Onion Globes

Colored Pendant Lamp Shades

Pendant Page 1    

 Pendant Colors Page 2     

Pendant Page 3

Pendant  Etched Page 3     

Pendant Page 4

Reverse Painted Lamp Shades

School House Shades

Student Lamp Shades

6" Student Lamp Shades

7" Student Lamp Shades Page 1

Student 7 Page 2

Glass Lamp Shade Replacements

8" Student Lamp Shades

10" Student Lamp Shades Page 1

Oil Lamp Shades Page 2   

Solid Color Student Shades Page 3

10" Floral Lampshades Page 1

Floral Student Lamp Shades Page 2

12" Student Lamp Shades

14" Student Lampshades and Domes